Solstice stacking ring
Solstice stacking ring
Solstice stacking ring
Solstice stacking ring

Solstice stacking ring

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Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Beaded with: Multicut silver beads, 14k gold filled beads
Width: Ball: 2-6 mm
Inner circumference: 55 mm
Style: Elastic
Origin: Designed and handcrafted in the UK 

Introducing the "Solstice" ring: A Timeless Symbol of Transition and Memories

Are you yearning to hold onto the warmth of those cherished summer days? Look no further than our Solstice ring, a radiant embodiment of sunlit memories. Crafted with care and passion, this exquisite stacking piece is designed to remind you that the sun will always return, no matter how far the seasons may take you.

At its heart, our Solstice ring features a stunning 14k gold-filled bead, akin to the sun itself, radiating its magnificent glow. Flanking this central gem are two diamond-cut silver beads, glistening like the sun's rays dancing on the water's surface. 

What makes the Solstice ring truly special is its name, a word not bound by a specific season or time of year. While traditionally associated with the summer and winter solstices, the name "Solstice" carries a sense of balance and transition. It signifies the continuity of nature's cycles and the beauty of change.

The ring is designed to remind us that even as one season ends, another begins, and life's journey continues. The Solstice ring captures the essence of warm summer memories and the anticipation of what lies ahead in the ever-turning wheel of time.