Jewellery care

Have you just bought a brand new jewellery piece for yourself, or you may already have a small collection at home, but you don't know how to take good care of your jewellery?

All of our jewellery pieces are made of sterling silver, i.e. silver with a purity of Ag 925/1000. Silver is a metal whose natural property is gradual oxidation. Oxidation, or blackening of silver jewellery, even gold plated jewellery, is not a manufacturing defect. It is a natural chemical reaction caused by the presence of various chemical compounds, especially sulphur in the air, the action of compounds contained in medicines, cosmetics, detergents, as well as dusty environments.

In most cases, the oxidation causes the jewellery to turn black on the surface. Silver tends to be more stable in clean and dry air, while a humid environment accelerates oxidation. That's why it is very important to store your bracelets DRY and in an airtight bag or a small container.The speed of oxidation can be affected by a number of factors, including the type of skin and the substances with which silver comes in contact. Importantly, oxidation is not an irreversible process. Silver can be easily and quickly cleaned with the help of a cleaning cloth, which is provided for free with every bracelet bought in our e-shop but can also be also found at any goldsmith's shop if needed. It is also possible to use special cleaning solutions for silver jewellery, but we do not recommend using them for stretch bracelets as it could damage the elastic cord, and also we do not recomment using liquid cleaning solutions on bracelets with pearls, corals, gemstones and minerals, or leather or textile parts. 

How to protect jewellery from oxidation and damage?

Keep in mind that jewellery should be worn. By wearing the jewellery frequently, you can prevent it from oxidising, as the jewellery is constantly being polished by your skin or clothing. If you put silver jewellery in a jewellery box and return to it after a while, it is very likely that the jewellery will be oxidised.

When you put your jewellery piece in a jewellery box, it is necessary to wipe it with a dry soft cloth to remove water, dirt, sweat and grease.

Jewellery boxes are not suitable for storing jewellery that you do not wear. Unworn jewellery should be sheltered from air and moisture. Paper jewellery boxes are not airtight and there is usually foam inside, which can bind moisture from the air causing the jewellery stored in the box to oxidise faster. We personally recommend storing cleaned unworn pieces in small individual resealable plastic bags.

Sterling silver jewellery should not react after contact with clean cold water, but if it comes in contact with soaps, oils, shampoos, cosmetics in general, a chemical reaction may occur, as a result of which the jewellery could change colour (from orange to black). It doesn't happen often, but it’s possible. If you notice a change in the colour of the metal, try to remember the products you used to avoid similar accidents in the future.

All your jewellery pieces should be put on after you have applied cosmetics and hair products. Sprays, varnishes, dry shampoos, perfumes and everything we use to make ourselves beautiful and fragrant before we leave the house, tend to cling to the surface of the jewellery.

Silver is a precious metal, but it is relatively soft and you need to be careful with your jewellery. In general, our bracelets are very fine, so please pay attention to how you treat and store it. Never carry jewellery in pockets and wallets where it is easily tangled and damaged. Do not subject jewellery to mechanical stress.

We often use pearls and natural gemstones / minerals in our jewellery. Although these natural materials appear to be strong, they are delicate and fragile, so please handle them with care and protect them from impact and strong mechanical influences. In other words, it is advisable to take off the jewellery for sports, gardening, washing dishes or cleaning.

If you buy jewellery "for later" as a gift, please also think about how you store the jewellery and check it and clean any oxidation with a cleaning cloth before gifting it.

In summary:

  • We recommend putting on your jewellery after you have put on clothes and cosmetic products (including perfume, body creams, suntan lotions etc).

  • All sterling silver is prone to oxidation so when you’re not wearing your jewellery we recommend keeping it dry and in something airtight (small resealable plastic bags). To keep your bracelets nice and shiny give them a gentle rub with the polishing cloth provided at least once a week.

  • It is advisable to take off the jewellery for sports, gardening, washing dishes, cleaning etc. to avoid damage.

  • Sterling silver jewellery should not react after contact with clean water, however we recommend taking your bracelets off before showering, bathing and swimming.

  • Please avoid overstretching your elastic bracelets - be very gentle while putting them on / taking them off. Even though a very strong elastic cord is used for our bracelets, it can stretch slightly over time. 

  • It is natural for the elastic cord to slightly stretch over time. If that happens we do offer restringing and cleaning (ultrasonic) service of your lovely bracelets. If you would like to have your bracelets restrung and brigthen up, please email: The cost of this service is £10 per bracelet (+ shipping cost £2).