Mini Star silver girl's bracelet
Mini Star silver girl's bracelet
Mini Star silver girl's bracelet
Mini Aster silver girl's bracelet

Mini Aster silver girl's bracelet

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Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Beaded with: 14k gold filled beads, multicut silver beads
Hallmark: 925
Width: Ball: 2 - 4 mm, North Star charm: 12 x 12 mm
Length: 15 cm (inner circumference)
Style: Elastic
Origin: Designed and handcrafted in the UK 

→ If you require a different size, please just leave a note in your checkout page. We do offer resizing (stretch bracelets only) with no additional cost. 

Introducing the 'Mini Aster Silver Girl's Bracelet' – a dainty version of our bestseller, adorned with a North Star charm, 14k gold filled beads, and an abundance of sparkling multicut silver beads. Crafted with care, this bracelet encapsulates the charm and radiance of the cosmos in a smaller form.

The North Star charm serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration, symbolizing your unwavering love and support for your precious child. This celestial emblem becomes a reminder that you're always there to light her way, just as the North Star lights up the night sky.

Amidst the design, the 14k gold filled beads exude warmth and elegance, adding a touch of luxury and significance. These golden accents symbolize the radiant affection you hold for your child, elevating the bracelet's allure.

Glistening like stars in the night sky, the multicut silver beads complete the design. Their intricate facets catch and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing play of brilliance that mirrors the wonder in your child's eyes. These beads represent the limitless dreams and aspirations that fill her heart.

The 'Mini Aster Silver Girl's Bracelet' is more than an accessory; it's a keepsake that encapsulates emotions and memories. A miniature version of our bestseller, it becomes a tangible reminder of the special moments you share with your child.

As the North Star charm, 14k gold filled beads, and multicut silver beads intertwine, they tell a story of guidance, affection, and the boundless love that graces your beloved child's wrist.